One product for go-to makeup: how to find your perfect lip and eye pencils

by OK Beauty

The majority of us used to perceive lip and eye pencils as just a part of makeup. Well primarily it was like that, but now they have become a powerful weapon to transform the whole look. You can emphasize eye color, add a mysterious smoke effect or to volumize your lips making them indecently seductive.    

To create some memorable look you should choose a pencil with a soft sliding texture in a basic-slash-trendy colors. Ready to discover the secret and find your perfect eye-lip pencil? Lets go! 


So it's not quite easy to draw a perfect cat-eye with overly soft pencil, isn't it? Same thing with too solid pencils. In advance can say “farewell” to smoky-eyes, blending and perfectly defined lips.

With OK Beauty Color Salute Slide & Stay eye and lip pencils you gonna be in awe. They are medium soft, have a feather-like texture, blend easily and last for hours. You can create every type of makeup - from dramatic misty smoky-eyes to generously kissed matt lips. 


Have you ever lost in a huge variety of makeup products colors? We did and decided to prevent you from wandering among the shelves, painting your palms and torture the consultant with question “Which one suits me more”?

OK Beauty represents three promising all-purpose colors to make your natural beauty smile and shine:

Cobalt - deep shimmering blue to make original accents

Loon - dark chocolate brown to perfect your smoky eyes

Robin - glowing copper-brown to emphasize any eye color

The selection of OK Beauty Color Salute Slide & Stay lip pencils is concentrated on nude hues which help to create natural and fresh look:

Happy End - cheerful raspberry-nude for quite appetizing lips

 Sandy - classic elegant beige-pink

Urania - deep chocolate-pink for a pit of drama


You don't want to lose your makeup close to the sunset, right? Therefore your go-to eye pencils must resist raining and snowstorm and the lip ones must survive a lunch or an unexpected kisses. There is no point to correct makeup every hour.

We anticipate you become besties with OK Beauty pencils. They are super stable and long-lasting, so gonna stay on your eyes and lips even if the weather forecast seems depressing. 

Pencil dries the skin, no?

There prejudice says that all matt pencils dries eyelids and lips, so they might look withered.

OK Beauty pencils provides perfect matt finish without drying. Your lips will stay soft and moisturized and the covering - smooth as a silk. And with the nude colors your makeup will charm and keep looking natural. 


The most important part! No matter how pretty are the colors, only quality defines how good makeup product is. OK Beauty products was developed by the best specialists in the cosmetic industry from Russia and Europe. All products are made from high quality imported and Russian raw materials. They are not tested on animals and are produced in-house according to GMP standards. So OK Beauty cosmetics won’t harm your skin, it will help your natural beauty blooms 24h per day.

Choose any shade of eye and lip pencils in our catalog. Moreover, when you order for the first time, you will get a 10% discount. Just use the promo code OKB10.