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Sometimes beauty products ordered in the online store ruin our expectations. To avoid such problems we regularly interview our beloved customers and ask to share their impressions about purchases they made. Three girls, three different opinions and a full review on the best-selling product.

Today we discuss Flash & Care Skin Perfector body shimmer lotion.

Shimmer-perfector takes a central place in a women's cosmetic bag, especially in the summer. It is enriched with nourishing oils that deeply moisturize the skin and at the same time don’t feel sticky. Thanks to the shining microparticles, the skin becomes smooth, acquires a light bronze hue and an even tone.

But does it really work? This is the question we asked three random shoppers.

Amanda, 23 years old. “Takes care of my sensitive skin”

My skin has always been sensitive. If I randomly bought some kind of cream greeting Miss Dryness and Missis Rashes! Therefore, now I am aware of any makeup products.

I guess OK Beauty shimmer caught my eye in that article about liquid tights. I remember there was extreme heat outside, but I couldn't cheat on business dress code and walk with bare legs. When I placed the order, the doubts embraced me again. Yeah, there are vegetable oils in the composition, but my capricious skin again might not like something.

I received the order. Very stylish pink packaging by the way. Acted according to the instructions on the site. After a shower I squeezed a shimmer and spreaded it all over my legs with massage movements. The legs shone beautifully, and the skin became velvety and soft. I put on a skirt, looked in the mirror. The effect of tights really worked, my legs seemed to be tanned!

I went this way all day and didn’t feel any discomfort. The skin breathed and remained hydrated all day. This really surprised me! No irritations and rashes. Just a magical smell!

Bridget, 19 years old. "I feel like a Tinker Bell fairy"

For me aesthetics is as important as quality. I won’t buy “an ugly-looking” cream, even if it has the perfect composition. My skin is very pale, so in order not to look like a porcelain doll, I use tanning creams. I used to go to the solarium, but you know this procedure is rather harmful.

In fact, this is a dead end, because any tanning dries the skin and stains clothes. I encountered OK Beauty shimmer surfing through Instagram. In stories there were the girl applying it on her legs. The lotion literally shone on her.

I ordered shimmer immediately, because the jar was also very beautiful! The package arrived quickly, I ran to the bathroom to try it.

Such a pleasant sweet aroma spreaded across the bathroom. I rubbed the shimmer with massage movements and rejoiced like a child. My skin became so soft, and those sparkles only strengthened my delight.

After that I went into the room and looked in the mirror. My skin shone, glowed like a dust of stars. In the end I even revived the scene from my favorite cartoon about Peter Pan, where Tinker Bell fairy played with sparkles.

Feeling satisfied I went to grab some coffee with a friend. My bestie saw me and said: “Damn, honey!” You literally glow!

Rose, 33 years old. "I've never got so many compliments"

I am a very insecure person when it comes to my appearance. And I am literally tired of my own eternal nagging, like “the waist is not thin enough or the hair looks like a crow nest”. Same thing with a skin. For me It always seems dry and pale.

I want my skin to be tanned and not livid, so I use tanners. As a result, I always walk with the feeling that I am covered with a thick sticky pilicle. And also I permanently smudge clothing. That's really annoying!

So once my bestie told me about the shimmer. I immediately decided that I would order for myself too. I really liked that the tan shade can be adjusted depending on the application: from a light golden to a beautiful bronze.

The only disadvantage, the texture is a bit liquid for me, but that's fine. Unlike typical self-tanners, this shimmer dries in 30 seconds, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and smudge. It's great!

After sunset I went to a bar with my boyfriend and our friends. Unexpectedly I got more compliments in one evening than in a whole month. Now this shimmer is my total musthave.

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